lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017

Novetats Unió Europea. 02 d'octubre

La información ha sido elaborada por la Fundació General de la Universitat de València. Patronat Centre de Documentació Europea y difundida a través de su boletín electrónico semanal.

Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe
OPOCE, 2017. Eurydice Brief
In an age where learning several languages is a necessity for many people and offers endless opportunities to all, there have been a number of reforms in recent years with regards to foreign language learning. This new Eurydice Brief on Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe 2017 builds on a comprehensive report on teaching languages at school in Europe and includes information on research works and EU policy documents. It presents a state of play of the existing policies on key aspects of foreign language teaching and concludes with further routes which could be explored to encourage language teaching at primary and secondary level in the future.
This Brief is structured around five key EU and national language policy themes: the importance of learning two foreign languages from a very early age; the range of foreign languages learnt by students; the foreign language teaching itself with a particular focus on teachers and their visits abroad for professional purposes, and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) as a teaching approach; the expected levels of attainment in foreign languages; language support measures to facilitate the integration of newly arrived migrant students.

The European Digital Skills Awards 2017 aim to showcase initiatives that develop the digital skills of Europeans in school, at work and in society in general. The initiatives should be easy to scale-up and replicate in other cities, regions, countries and sectors. To highlight the importance of closing the gender gap in digital skills, a fifth project selected from all the submissions that also promotes digital skills for women and girls will receive an award.
The winners will be awarded the European Digital Skills Awards by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society at the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Conference that will take place in Brussels on 7th December 2017. Winners and finalists will be invited to exhibit their project at the Conference and will be featured by the European Commission in the media, website and newsletters. You can apply for the European Digital Skills Awards by filling in the applicationform by 1 November 2017.

Subvenciones para la realización de contratos de jóvenes del Programa Operativo de Empleo Juvenil
Resolución de 4 de septiembre de 2017, de la Dirección General de la Fundación EOI, por la que se aprueba la convocatoria para la concesión de subvenciones para la realización de contratos de jóvenes de más de dieciséis años y menores de treinta años, para empresas de cualquier sector, con el fin de que las personas jóvenes no ocupadas, ni integradas en los sistemas de educación o formación reglada puedan recibir una oferta de empleo, del Programa Operativo de Empleo Juvenil. El plazo de presentación de solicitudes será de treinta días naturales a contar desde el siguiente al de la publicación (29 octubre 2017) (BOE 234/55718, 28.9.2017)

Join #EUdatathon2017 now! | Brussels, 16 November 2017
Can you re-use open data to promote innovative services? Can you solve other societal challenges using it? Can you create mobile or web apps using open data from different information sources? If yes, #EUdatathon2017 is for you! This first datathon of its kind promotes re-use of #EUopendata from the EU Open Data Portal (, the central access point to open data made available by the EU institutions, agencies and bodies. Data teams will be able to demonstrate how open data from public institutions can be used to address specific policy or societal challenges and promote innovative services, reflecting certain priorities of the Juncker Commission. Register your team and make a proposal for an app by 8 October. If your idea is preselected, you'll have 4 weeks until 12 November to develop your idea! Winners will be selected on 16 November during an event in Brussels. Not wanting to hack but simply curious? Just register to attend the event on 16 November.

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